New Office Fitout in Sydney – Where to start?

Tree and his friend Polo dressed for their new office

I’m setting up a new office in Sydney, right downtown in the central business district. Suffice it to say, I’m hopelessly lost. I’m not an office manager or a world-class interior designer, and although I mentioned in a previous blog that I’m sort of taking my first foray into the world of interior design, I only helped design my own flat and I really don’t know much when it comes to making the inside of my office look really great and feel awesome for my workers. This is why I hired Office Fitouts Sydney to get everything set up in my new business location.

They gave me a lot of good arguments when I first called them about why I should enlist their services. First of all, they pointed me to some interesting reading materials online about why it is important to have a great office design to increase the efficiency of my workers. I have a small office for my real estate business where we get people looking for real estate advice quite often, and I am often concerned about how efficient my workers are being and always look to minimize distractions and create the best working environment possible for my employees.

They helped us install distraction-free partitions to ensure that noise levels were kept within manageable ranges, and they optimized the layout of the office to ensure that my workers could move from place to place without bumping into each other. Everything looks wonderful, and I’m a big fan of colorful accents in otherwise drab environments. I think that’s the reason why big companies like Google have started to use primary colors to accent the inside of their offices. There’s definitely something psychologically interesting going on there that I think can be applied to other office environments.

Saving Money is Making Money in Business

Suffice it to say, I give them a ten out of ten when it comes to offering great services at affordable prices. I’m always looking to save money to make money, as it were, and their prices were very fair. I’m more than satisfied with what they offered us, and if my dog was an office worker, I’m sure she’d appreciate how spacious the new fit outs are. Tree would have plenty of places to store her treats and she would absolutely love the comfort of the cubicle. She’s quite a timid dog, so she doesn’t like a lot of noise, and if she were a person, this would be the ideal working environment for her personality.

Thank you for your expertise and sage advice, and thank you for helping us optimize our office. Everything looks positively stellar and perfectly reflects our brand image. The office is working a lot more efficiently than before, and I look forward to seeing the quarterly productivity reports. Now we just have to do something about those lazy workers.

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