Disaster Water Damage in Sydney Property

Living room carpet flooding
Living room carpet flooding

It is on days like this that you wish your dog could pick up the phone and deal with a mess for you. My main property in Sydney is the victim of severe water damage. Thankfully, everything that matters to us is completely fine, and the issue is now in the past tense. The wonderful people at Water Damage Sydney handled all of the problems for us and got our property back to an excellent state. Tree was upset to see that some of her toys were waterlogged, and the house had a strange smell to it that she turned her nose up at.

The carpets and upholstery were replaced quickly and the pipe was fixed immediately by a plumber that the company sourced for me at no cost. I know plumbers in the area, but it was good of them to cover the cost of it, and it didn’t affect the bill. They seem to be a well-connected company with a great legacy in the local area, and they handled the issues with immediacy and helped us get everything back on track without any hassle on our part. It was a good enough excuse for Tree and I to get out of the house and go to see the beautiful opals at Lightning Ridge.

Water Damage has to be fixed quickly

When we were out of town during the repairs and replacement, they gave us constant updates by E-mail and SMS, which left me with a peace of mind. It was good to see that progress marched along at a brisk pace, and all of the problems were solved quickly without any intervention on my part. Absolute professionalism is exuded by these individuals, and not even Tree can detect that there were any problems in the home now. Everything smells nice again, the water has been cleaned up, and no mold in sight!

They told me that they would have to cut out pieces of the wall and carpet in order to be really thorough and ensure that no mold would develop, which could have posed a risk to Tree and my health, and that wouldn’t have been good. Everything, once again, was handled with immediacy and the fastest response service I’ve ever seen from any company specializing in this service in the local area. This is a personal thank-you to them, and I hope I get you some more customers in the unlikely event that any of my readers ever have to experience the nightmare from hell that is water damage! Always be sure that you keep your pipes current and fully inspected by licensed plumbers to avoid the mistake that I made. It’s not nice to have to deal with all of this, even if you have a professional company that makes things easy.

If you’re in need of help find them here http://water-damage-sydney.com.au/