My Adelaide Flat and the Plantation Shutters Experiment!

After moving to Adelaide, I was looking for ways to improve the drab interior of the small flat I purchased in the city. Looking at some designs online, I noticed that a lot of the most stunning interior design configurations contained some form of plantation shutters. The company Plantation Shutters Adelaide was more than helpful in giving me a selection of some of the most beautiful blinds in their collection. Their website we exceptionally easy to navigate, and I was able to immediately look at examples of their previous work, which was nice. I didn’t have to drive out to any galleries and take a look at their stock in order to see what they had.


Of course, I decided to drive out anyway. I looked at some of the beautiful shades they had in their collection and settled on the dark wood, as it went best with my furniture and with the color scheme of my interior. Mixing it with some more vibrant colors proved to look really good, and now, my flat looks absolutely awesome. With colorful accents, the dark wood is outlined in the best way. I’m very happy with how my flat looks now, as is Tree, who tore up the upholstery before. She can’t really dig her claws into the wooden shutters, which of course saves me a lot of money and frustration.



Time and cost were the factors I was looking for.

Their pricing was excellent and the response time was incredibly fast, which made it even more appealing. I would recommend them to anyone living in the Adelaide area looking for the best possible deal on plantation shutters. Really exemplary service. Each of their designers seemed to have an artistic eye, and everything was installed very quickly, so that was nice. I barely even noticed them in the home, and they took care to not let Tree out into the yard, which was nice as well.

If you’re looking for a quality local provider of these types of blinds, I would certainly recommend them. Whether you’re embarking on your first journey into amateur interior design or you’re one of those professional people with artistic eyes inherently, I think you’ll like working with this company. They are absolutely the best out of the other options in the local area, and I cannot recommend them enough and add on to the already positive praise they’ve received from other reviewers online spread across Google Maps, Yelp, and their own review page natively on their website.

I hope you follow my blog and keep up to date with my posts. Are there any companies you would like me to highlight in the area? I have multiple properties across Australia and I live in various places all over the country, so I should be able to try things out and give you my opinions.