About Tree

12380436_10207631611203345_2030055506_nThis is our beautiful Corgi. Her mom was a deep red one, the breeder said she would become a blond – not a deep red. I’m kinda thinking she’s turning rather 20140821_200819brownish…

Anyway i was wondering if you guys have red or blonde cardigans and I would like to see pictures!! Loads of pictures!Really curious how she’s going to turn out :.

I’m in love with the tree and herĀ rather calm personality. She is so much more relaxed, independant than our past dogs. TreeĀ as a pup was a handful and really exhausted us. Even as a one year old she had major seperation anxiety, she barked from the minute we left till the minute we got home (even on a 8 hour working day), poor neigbours. Mello is an actual dream pup, she loves cuddling, but loves playing outside on her own even more. Do you guys think that’s going to stay this way?