About Me

Hello, my name is Dain, and I’ve got a corgi named Tree who has been my best friend throughout recent years. My dog takes me all over the local area on walks, and I just go along and enjoy the view. My interests include everything from hiking to online business, and you will see a good portion of my life catalogued here on my blog in all of its monotonous splendor. I don’t claim to have the most interesting blog or the most fascinating life, but I do involve myself with many local businesses and I post reviews here often, so that might interest people who are looking for information at the very least.

This is a highly eclectic blog, but I try to keep my values and the foundations of my blog in razor sharp focus. The posts may be inconsistent and infrequent, but I know my readers will enjoy going over at least some of my work, which is mostly non-fiction, reviews, and accounts of everyday life. I’ve worked extensively with charities all over the world, and I have traveled to over 39 countries and counting. I’m looking forward to going into a little bit of my history on this blog, as well.

Inevitably, a lot of the posts will be pictures of my dog, Tree, and pictures of my beautiful wife Karen and our extended family. I’m a very family-oriented person and I am incredibly passionate about a huge variety of different topics. In particular, I’ve always loved nature and the natural world. My favorite modern author is William Self, who has been a major inspiration to me and my work, and I wish I could capture a modicum of his style, but I am a far smaller and less talented man than he is.

I hold a dual nationality passport and I travel often between the United Kingdom and Australia, and I have lived in both countries extensively. You will have to forgive me then, if my writing has a slight English slant. This is a simple blog, although I initially started it with high-minded ambitions about writing about world events, the news, and charity. It has since become something much smaller and humbler in scope, and I aim to keep it that way whenever possible. At the end of the day, I enjoy the simple and miniscule and I think my writing poignantly reflects that aspect of my personality above all other considerations.

I hope that you keep me in my mind, keep my site in your bookmarks or RSS feed, and check back often. The easiest way to subscribe to my blog is to use the highly useful Firefox RSS feed manager or a similar add on for Google Chrome if you prefer that browser. This will allow you to get updated about my posts when they come in, should you care enough to check back regularly. I invite all comments and criticism, so don’t hold back your passionate love or hatred for my creative or non-creative works.