Sydneyphotoboothing is the Best Photo Booth Company

Photo Booth Hire is a great way to entertain guests of all ages at your party. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a graduation party, or a bachelor or bachelorette’s party, this is one of the best companies in the local area to work with if you’re looking to hire a booth that your guests can take photos in together. Keep in mind, these aren’t the type of units you see in a mall that are outdated and print out pictures alone; these ones have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can share pictures to your phone or upload them to your social network profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sydneyphotoboothing is an excellent company.

I had fun, and so did my guests. I hosted a gathering for my company and everyone really enjoyed it. We all took photographs together with the included costume packages. When the machine stopped working for one of our party attendees, the technician was on-site to figure it out ( Since they come and demonstrate how to use it and solve errors whenever they pop up, it is a very convenient and easy to use service that is great for a wide variety of different occasions. It’s an excellent addition to just about any party imaginable.

If you want to get the most out of your photobooth package, you should hire the professional package, which includes all of the features along with some extended features. This is the one I ended up ordering, and I give the service two thumbs up. After reading positive reviews online, I was totally convinced that they were the best company in the area to go to. With so many positive testimonials from previous customers, it seemed natural to choose them over the other competitors in the neighborhood. Easily one of the simplest transactions I’ve ever dealt with.

They arrived ahead of time before the party to get everything set up quickly, and that was refreshing. Dealing with them over the phone was a pleasure, and I spoke to a real Australian rather than someone overseas. Suffice it to say, I was very satisfied with the service and I would recommend it to anyone in the area. They are a great company to work with and they provide value to anyone looking to entertain guests at a party or social gathering. It’s inexpensive and the return on your investment is huge, if you’re looking for entertain your guests for low rates.

Get in touch with them on their phone line and speak to one of their professionals to request a free quote. I got an instant response and I was very happy with how quickly everything moved. Easily the best company in the industry, and it was simple to hire them and get them to come out to my location. Was very pleased with the way that everything was handled and the party was a lot more fun because of it.

Needing a new slate roof for an investment where to go?

Many people often make the mistake of assuming slate roofing is an excessively expensive option for roof materials without analyzing the true cost. Homeowners know that roofs are some of the most troublesome aspects of the home. They often start to leak, require a lot of cleaning and maintenance, and fade and decay quite quickly—especially for individuals who live in harsh environments like Australia. Australia is a land where the elements still rule, so it is understandable that some people look to invest in hardier materials that stand up against intense heat, UV radiation from the sun, long rainy seasons, and high wind speeds.

In terms of natural materials, slate is one of the most resilient and prized. It does not fade or bleach from the sun, it is naturally beautiful and looks stunning with a wide variety of different design configurations, it is impervious (or nearly impervious) to the elements and to insects and animals, it does not easily flake, crack, or break apart, and it can last for centuries if the quality of the building material is prime and it is maintained every once in a while. It allows homeowners and business owners to approach roofs with a hands-off mentality since you don’t have to do much to maintain or clean it.

It is of course more expensive than conventional shingles made of wood or other materials, but the price is well worth it in terms of the investment. I would posit that you’ll end up spending less on this material than you would with any other, even if you have to front a little bit more money to pay for the installation upfront. Modern shingles made with this material are also treated with next-generation weatherproofing to seal them against moisture and damage, which makes them even more resilient. They increase the property value and outward appearance of your building immediately, and isn’t that something every homeowner or building owner wants? Your house will sell quickly if they know you have good quality roofing, as it is both attractive and dramatically raises the value of your property. It seems like a no-brainer, yet I barely see anyone talking about the money-saving aspects of using this building material. They tend to focus on the negatives, such as the initial cost or the difficulty of installation.

You can actually get this kind of material installed for relatively cheap in the local area, especially if you source it from a company that has good connections to the local resource industry. With plenty of shingles to go around, it is no longer a shockingly expensive prospect to protect your home with this top-tier material. If you’re looking to update your roof, or even if you just bought a property and you’re in the process of determining what you should upgrade, I strongly suggest choosing this roofing material.

There’s a great company in the local area that will do it for cheap, and I used them at my home and I was very satisfied. Give them a try here @ Sydney Slate Roofing!

End of Lease Cleaning Perth my huge time saver

TaxesDogWhile I own the majority of my properties and lease some of them out to people, I don’t actually lease many of my properties across the country from other people. In this case, I had a small apartment in the Perth area that I was only using to stay in for business trips out to Perth, which I frequently make. Vacate Cleaning Perth is an exemplary Perth-based cleaner that provides commercial and residential cleaning at sub-premium rates. Given that I have so many other properties to take care of, I didn’t want to have to clean this property out myself.

They got everything nice and clean for me without me having to intervene or play project manager. It was an easy, hands-off, fire-and-forget service that was absolutely great. They handled everything without me having to tell them, from cleaning and sanitizing the upholstery to removing animal dander and dust from everything in the house. The whole place sparkled, and it was absolutely as clean as the first day I had purchased it by the end of the entire process.

All in all, it didn’t take that long. It was done in just a handful of days, and I was happier for it. It was nice not to have to give my input or check up on them, and they gave me details on the progress while I was out of town. The property was sold to some buyers after I moved out, as I understand. I didn’t have to move much out of the property, as I only had a bed and some super basic furniture in the place since I used it as a leased, glorified hotel room for whenever I was staying anywhere in the vicinity of the Perth metro area.

I’m sure that Tree will miss that place, as she was always fond of the nice yard and the great natural territories around the wetlands. I enjoyed going out there, and I will surely miss the property as well, but I think I will end up purchasing something with more permanence in Perth. I plan on buying a property in Perth soon, and I am very happy with the locations I’ve seen so far. More on that soon, so be sure to keep your eye on my blog and keep our blog in your RSS feed managers. I’m going to do a write-up on RSS soon as well, I think.

A great company! 10/10 stars. I’m super happy with everything they did, and I will be posting up some before and after photos soon to show you all of the progress. Tree says hello, and she hopes all of her fans are doing well.

You can find the site here


Disaster Water Damage in Sydney Property

Living room carpet flooding
Living room carpet flooding

It is on days like this that you wish your dog could pick up the phone and deal with a mess for you. My main property in Sydney is the victim of severe water damage. Thankfully, everything that matters to us is completely fine, and the issue is now in the past tense. The wonderful people at Water Damage Sydney handled all of the problems for us and got our property back to an excellent state. Tree was upset to see that some of her toys were waterlogged, and the house had a strange smell to it that she turned her nose up at.

The carpets and upholstery were replaced quickly and the pipe was fixed immediately by a plumber that the company sourced for me at no cost. I know plumbers in the area, but it was good of them to cover the cost of it, and it didn’t affect the bill. They seem to be a well-connected company with a great legacy in the local area, and they handled the issues with immediacy and helped us get everything back on track without any hassle on our part. It was a good enough excuse for Tree and I to get out of the house and go to see the beautiful opals at Lightning Ridge.

Water Damage has to be fixed quickly

When we were out of town during the repairs and replacement, they gave us constant updates by E-mail and SMS, which left me with a peace of mind. It was good to see that progress marched along at a brisk pace, and all of the problems were solved quickly without any intervention on my part. Absolute professionalism is exuded by these individuals, and not even Tree can detect that there were any problems in the home now. Everything smells nice again, the water has been cleaned up, and no mold in sight!

They told me that they would have to cut out pieces of the wall and carpet in order to be really thorough and ensure that no mold would develop, which could have posed a risk to Tree and my health, and that wouldn’t have been good. Everything, once again, was handled with immediacy and the fastest response service I’ve ever seen from any company specializing in this service in the local area. This is a personal thank-you to them, and I hope I get you some more customers in the unlikely event that any of my readers ever have to experience the nightmare from hell that is water damage! Always be sure that you keep your pipes current and fully inspected by licensed plumbers to avoid the mistake that I made. It’s not nice to have to deal with all of this, even if you have a professional company that makes things easy.

If you’re in need of help find them here

Melbourne Dilaps, My New Property and Trees first visit to Melbourne

I work often with companies that generate inspection reports for properties in the local area, and since I purchased a piece of land and had a home built on it in Melbourne, I needed professionals to handle the job and ensure that nothing was wrong with the property that could have cost me money in the future or even ended up in litigation. Given that my dog and I are not professional inspectors, of course we had to outsource to professionals. Dilapidation Reports Melbourne did a great job, and they generated a thorough report that showed—indeed—that our brand new property had no structural integrity issues, issues with pests, or any other problems that would have made it unappealing to future buyers if I ever decided to part with the property.

I’m a flipper and I often buy and resell properties, and in the likely case I ever do it again in Melbourne, I will no doubt enlist the services of this company. They were professional from start to finish and were very mindful of my concerns. I was a bit annoying to them I think, because I’m a bit of a know-it-all and I have plenty of experience in the real estate industry, and they not only tolerated me but went out of their way to alleviate any concerns I had and show me the full report when requested.

Insure your investments with proper Building Reports

When I purchase another property in Melbourne, I plan on using them again. I often buy properties and sell them in Melbourne, so I will keep them on speed dial in my contacts list in my phone. They were absolutely excellent and the general inspector Brandon was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience in the industry. Him and I had a brief chat about real estate over coffee and I hope to deal with him soon in the future and sell him a beachfront property, as I’m sure he’ll be in the business for one eventually with how well his company is going! Brandon is a great guy, and I’d love to see him make a guest post on this blog about his business operations. I’m endlessly interested in the more introverted and technical side of the building industry, and all of the inspectors I’ve met are quiet, professional people who are very career-oriented and enjoy looking at the small things that most people overlook with buildings in the local area.

If you’re in the business for inspections in the local area of Melbourne and you need professionals, I certainly recommend hiring this company. Their rates are great, their reports are penetrative and thorough, and their experience level is higher than any of the other companies I queried in the local area. Absolutely a class act, and Tree fully approved!

Melbourne Dilaps Here

New Office Fitout in Sydney – Where to start?

Tree and his friend Polo dressed for their new office

I’m setting up a new office in Sydney, right downtown in the central business district. Suffice it to say, I’m hopelessly lost. I’m not an office manager or a world-class interior designer, and although I mentioned in a previous blog that I’m sort of taking my first foray into the world of interior design, I only helped design my own flat and I really don’t know much when it comes to making the inside of my office look really great and feel awesome for my workers. This is why I hired Office Fitouts Sydney to get everything set up in my new business location.

They gave me a lot of good arguments when I first called them about why I should enlist their services. First of all, they pointed me to some interesting reading materials online about why it is important to have a great office design to increase the efficiency of my workers. I have a small office for my real estate business where we get people looking for real estate advice quite often, and I am often concerned about how efficient my workers are being and always look to minimize distractions and create the best working environment possible for my employees.

They helped us install distraction-free partitions to ensure that noise levels were kept within manageable ranges, and they optimized the layout of the office to ensure that my workers could move from place to place without bumping into each other. Everything looks wonderful, and I’m a big fan of colorful accents in otherwise drab environments. I think that’s the reason why big companies like Google have started to use primary colors to accent the inside of their offices. There’s definitely something psychologically interesting going on there that I think can be applied to other office environments.

Saving Money is Making Money in Business

Suffice it to say, I give them a ten out of ten when it comes to offering great services at affordable prices. I’m always looking to save money to make money, as it were, and their prices were very fair. I’m more than satisfied with what they offered us, and if my dog was an office worker, I’m sure she’d appreciate how spacious the new fit outs are. Tree would have plenty of places to store her treats and she would absolutely love the comfort of the cubicle. She’s quite a timid dog, so she doesn’t like a lot of noise, and if she were a person, this would be the ideal working environment for her personality.

Thank you for your expertise and sage advice, and thank you for helping us optimize our office. Everything looks positively stellar and perfectly reflects our brand image. The office is working a lot more efficiently than before, and I look forward to seeing the quarterly productivity reports. Now we just have to do something about those lazy workers.

You can see more photos of our office at

Finding the right Hobart SEO Company to manage our Blog

enhanced-buzz-7111-1389369374-24You’d think that having a cute dog would be enough to make your blog successful, but the fact of the matter is, that isn’t true. Often, I’ve considered hiring a professional marketing agency to make my personal blog more marketable and reach more readers, but I am quite happy with how small, inconsistent, and unprofessional it is, and I’d like to keep it that way. I recently got a glimpse into some interesting Internet Marketing stuff recently though, and it has me reconsidering this notion. A friend of mine is in the process of developing an online brand specializing in beauty products for women, and he is looking to target local customers in the Hobart area.

SEO Hobart Geeks is the company he is working with, and I’m very impressed with what they’ve managed to do for his company. They actually made his website appear within the first page of results on Google, and considering how poorly his website was designed in the first place, it’s a bloody miracle that he’s managed to destroy his competition’s rankings on Google and attain the first spot. I suppose that’s the whole reason that companies hire marketers in the first place, but I was quite astonished that he’d managed to create a business that generates upwards of forty thousand dollars a year with just a little bit of internet magic.

Lack of knowledge is the biggest problem with gaining new followers

I’ll admit that I’m behind the times when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m in real estate and a variety of other businesses, but I’ve only just recently dipped into the internet when it comes to advanced concepts. My blog is enough for me to manage, and it took me some time to learn WordPress. If I understand correctly, SEO is a billion dollar plus industry that helps businesses generate quite a bit of profit online. Almost everyone uses Google to find products and services, so it stands to reason that people are going to make a killing off of using their computer wizard powers to make businesses more marketable online. With enough businesses out there that are purely brick and mortar such as mine, the internet seems to be a bit of a gold mine. I wonder if they’ll be writing about these people in the future in history books when this becomes the primary way of doing business? Maybe we’re just old school hangers-on in a world that is becoming increasingly digital.

Perhaps I’ll train my dog to start doing search engine optimization for our blog. That way, more people can access my posts and appreciate my corgi, Tree. I’m not sure if Tree is cut out for that sort of work, but being that she’s figured out how to open the fridge, I think she’ll manage just find with becoming a master of online marketing. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll come back to page one rankings on Google without even having to lift a finger or spend good money with online marketers?

When Your Sink is Unable to Drain – Blocked Drains Brisbane.

Like most homeowners, I have never particularly enjoyed working with plumbers. They usually seem lazy and most interested in making a ton of money off your own desperation and lack of plumbing knowledge, and they rarely if ever go above and beyond to deliver you quality services for affordable rates. Plumbers have a justly sour reputation. Luckily, Brisbane residents do have access to a very good plumbing service that seems to be honest and seems to have unusually low rates compared to the other local offerings. I have a small home located in the central downtown area, and I needed to get an issue fixed with my drains that was causing my sink to not drain properly in the bathroom.

Tree’s time to investigate

I thought I would end up spending a lot of money, and as I am a pretty thrifty and money-conscious person with multiple properties, I didn’t really want to have to deal with overpriced plumbing services. Blocked Drains Brisbane seemed to be the best bet after reading reviews online, and I decided to go with the crowd and pick the area’s most popular service. It seemed previous reviews weren’t wrong, as I had a great experience with them and I was surprised that they had such low rates compared to what I’d found with plumbers at my other properties across the country.

Corgi Sink
Sorry Tree you’re not much of a plumber

I deal in real estate on the side so I’ve unfortunately dealt with plumbers extensively in the past—mostly lazy plumbers, of course—and I wasn’t happy with their services. I wish that there were more drains specialists in other cities that provided such excellent services for such low costs. I was incredibly pleased with what they did for me. They fixed the issue quickly and the drain worked properly only an hour or so after they came out to the location. It was essentially an immediate dispatch service, which was nice, as I was on a tight schedule and only planned on being in the city for a few days at most.

I felt fortunate for the service they provided, and as such, I thought I would write up a positive review for them. They said they’ll feature it on their website as a result, and I hope they do. They were mindful of my things and hauled their equipment in through the back to avoid letting my dog out into the front yard. Tree can be quite timid with people coming into the home, and they were very friendly to my dog and I.

Thank you for providing a great service for a fair price. I was more than happy with everything you did for me, my wife, and of course my dog. Everything’s in working order now and I haven’t had any issues with the bathroom sink draining slowly. The issue was solved and the parts that needed to be replaced were replaced quickly.

Their Website

My Adelaide Flat and the Plantation Shutters Experiment!

After moving to Adelaide, I was looking for ways to improve the drab interior of the small flat I purchased in the city. Looking at some designs online, I noticed that a lot of the most stunning interior design configurations contained some form of plantation shutters. The company Plantation Shutters Adelaide was more than helpful in giving me a selection of some of the most beautiful blinds in their collection. Their website we exceptionally easy to navigate, and I was able to immediately look at examples of their previous work, which was nice. I didn’t have to drive out to any galleries and take a look at their stock in order to see what they had.


Of course, I decided to drive out anyway. I looked at some of the beautiful shades they had in their collection and settled on the dark wood, as it went best with my furniture and with the color scheme of my interior. Mixing it with some more vibrant colors proved to look really good, and now, my flat looks absolutely awesome. With colorful accents, the dark wood is outlined in the best way. I’m very happy with how my flat looks now, as is Tree, who tore up the upholstery before. She can’t really dig her claws into the wooden shutters, which of course saves me a lot of money and frustration.



Time and cost were the factors I was looking for.

Their pricing was excellent and the response time was incredibly fast, which made it even more appealing. I would recommend them to anyone living in the Adelaide area looking for the best possible deal on plantation shutters. Really exemplary service. Each of their designers seemed to have an artistic eye, and everything was installed very quickly, so that was nice. I barely even noticed them in the home, and they took care to not let Tree out into the yard, which was nice as well.

If you’re looking for a quality local provider of these types of blinds, I would certainly recommend them. Whether you’re embarking on your first journey into amateur interior design or you’re one of those professional people with artistic eyes inherently, I think you’ll like working with this company. They are absolutely the best out of the other options in the local area, and I cannot recommend them enough and add on to the already positive praise they’ve received from other reviewers online spread across Google Maps, Yelp, and their own review page natively on their website.

I hope you follow my blog and keep up to date with my posts. Are there any companies you would like me to highlight in the area? I have multiple properties across Australia and I live in various places all over the country, so I should be able to try things out and give you my opinions.